Stray Cat Of Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Oct 2003

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-362i.JPG Rene Chartrand takes care of these cats.

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-352i.JPG Thumbelina

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-353i.JPG Thumbelina

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-359i.JPG Bib Mama (aka Vincent, because she has only 1 ear)
She's also the oldest in the colony ~21 years old.

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-360i.JPG Ti-gris

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-361i.JPG Mama on the chair

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-363i.JPG Bebe

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-364i.JPG Bebe

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-365i.JPG Bebe

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-366s.JPG Ti-gris

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-367s.JPG Thumbelina walking back after checking the cannon.

StrayCatOfParliamentHill_OttawaOntario_Oct2003-368i.JPG Thumbelina

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